Friday, October 19, 2012

Just Imagine: Detroit Red Wings

Not going to lie: this was a hard one to re-imagine. You have a great look (but poor wordmark), classic uniforms and a timeless icon. I can see why this would be hard to touch and upgrade...
Wordmark is usually in Red, but you get the idea...
I took a real chance on this Original 6 team. The easy way out would be to go with an airline or nature theme, but that's not "Detroit". Detroit is the motor city; going against that wouldn't work on this concept.
Heavily influenced by Detroit's auto industry, I wanted the logo to reflect a classic hood ornament (though I did expand my search to retro style gas logos). Art-Deco Wings, chrome, the whole nine yards. The top logos are what would appear on the sweaters, while the script logo is just that: a script logo.

New look in the Motor City..

Yes, the "Red Wings" script is the same font as what I used my Rockets concept, but I honestly can see "Red Wings" on the side of a '57 or other classic hot rod. This font just matched up perfect with it. You can also see the inclusion of silver to the scheme. Red and white look really good together, but the silver reminds me of the chrome you would see on a classic car. I think it's simple, but understated and doesn't overpower the winged D shield.


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