Wednesday, November 21, 2012


A friend from High School started up his own comedy company and is doing the stand-up circuit around Southern California. He's expanded the business aspect of it to include a podcast and so far, his ventures have been pretty successful. A while back, he had asked if someone would be willing to donate a logo for the podcast to help the cause. I had some ideas in my head, but never really went forward with it nor contacted him about it.

Original Podcast Logo
The original logo had that Island-vibe; reminded me of a Hawaiian luau or restauraunt. It had some personality, but it also had a retro-vibe which called out to me.

Here's the update (not mine)..
Jamal's new "logo" was ok in my opinion. From my perspective, it's a little generic and I'm really not feeling it. Though, the green, black and white are really cool colors to work with..

My version...
So, I finally had an idea and went with it. Wanted to play up the "Ass" portion of the name and I think the leaping donkey satisfies that element. I also wanted to keep the retro idea of the initial logo and tried to mimic some old-school radio logos of the past by using a radio antenna and lighting bolts.

I haven't sent this to Jamal, but I may later on (after some revisions of course!). I think getting a stronger branding will help his cause, but not sure how an unsolicited logo would go over.