Monday, January 7, 2013

Fantasy Warfare II

From sketches to designs.. We now have a first look at what I'm putting together:

You can see a lot of the design elements from my sketches incorporated into the first set of logos. The main Bee logo had been modified from it's butterfly wings and is now incorporated into the homeplate/stinger design.

The main crest evolved from circle to hexagon to go give a honeycomb effect. The modified bee now rests atop the city moniker while the simple ball is added to the bottom for balance. The secondary roundel is an abstract thinking of the bases, with the hive representing home.

Still thinking of a cap logo as I'm trying to work with an interlocking "SF" and not make it look like the Giants or 49ers. Uniforms are also in the works, but for now I think I have something solid going.


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